The wait is over.

Welcome to Freedrum.

Follow these steps to get you setup.


Getting Started

This section teaches you how to:

  1. Download the Sensorware App
  2. Charge the sensors
  3. Attach the sensors
  4. Turn the sensors on and off
  5. Calibrate the sensors
  6. Setting up "Foot" sensors
  7. Setting up for left handed playing

How to Play

This section teaches you about:

  1. Downloading a music production app
  2. Playing with GarageBand on iOS
  3. Playing with G-Stomper on Android
  4. Calibrating the sensors
  5. Drum positions
  6. Drum angles
  7. Playing style

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This section teaches you about:

  1. Known issues (bugs) with Freedrum
  2. Connecting to a Mac
  3. Connecting to a Windows10 PC
  4. Add more below

Safety & Regulartory Information

This section teaches you about:

  1. Safe operation of Freedrum
  2. FCC statements
  3. ISED statements