Pa Rumpa Drum Drum!

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Practice Any Time And Any Where

Take Freedrum everywhere.

Our customers use Freedrum at home, but that hasn’t stopped them from taking it to band practices, on vacations or while traveling abroad.

Show us how you Freedrum! #freedrum

Midi Over Bluetooth

Highly Compatible.

Compatible with iOS, macOS,  Android & Windows 10.

Works with music software using MIDI over Bluetooth.

Find out if your device is compatible Android compatibility.

14 Hour Battery Life

14 hours of battery life.

Freedrum will last you 2 weeks if you play one hour a day.

It only takes 1 hour to charge your sensors. 




Complete Kit - Natural Wood


Natural Wood Sticks


Starter Kit


Limited Edition White Sticks



Complete Kit


Limited Edition Black Sticks


Complete Kit


Limited Edition White Sticks


Designed & assembled in Sweden.

Drumkit Emulation

Freedrum's six hit areas give you the experience of playing behind a full drumkit. Each area can be customised through the MIDI standard.

Velocity Sensitivity

Experience the realistic feedback from our close-to-zero latency and accurate velocity sensitivity. It's difficult to believe there is nothing there.

Intuitive Twist Gestures

Our motion sensors allow you to further manipulate your hit areas by twisting the drumstick. Allowing for combinations previously not possible on a regular drumkit.


Over 400% Funded on Kickstarter!

Our Kickstarter campaign ended in December 2016 and it was over 400% funded. A huge thank you to our backers for helping us make this project a reality!

The best part? You can put a pair of earbuds in and won’t have to hear anyone complain about your skills.
— Brittany A. Roston, Slash Gear
For dedicated musicians who always want to be able to practice.
— James Vincent, The Verge
Freedrum has seemingly found a clever way of helping you take your drum kit anywhere.
— Conor Allison, Digital Spy
I need this more than my kidneys.
— Facebook Fan

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