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Drum anywhere, anytime.


Use the Freedrum sensors along with your Android or iOS device. Setup and personalise your drum kit over 10 zones. Practise along with the built in metronome and adjust audio settings such as reverb and the volume of each instrument.


Use any software you like.

Freedrum works with MIDI over Bluetooth. Connect it to your preferred audio workstation (DAW) and play or record using an endless library of samples from any software developer.


Practice Any Time And Any Where

Take Freedrum everywhere.

Our customers use Freedrum at home, but that hasn’t stopped them from taking it to band practices, on vacations or while traveling abroad.

Show us how you Freedrum! #freedrum

Midi Over Bluetooth

Highly Compatible.

Compatible with iOS, macOS,  Android & Windows 10.

Works with music software using MIDI over Bluetooth.

Find out if your device is compatible Android compatibility.

14 Hour Battery Life

14 hours of battery life.

Freedrum will last you 2 weeks if you play one hour a day.

It only takes 1 hour to charge your sensors.