How do I connect Freedrum with MacOS?

Freedrum works with macOS Yosemite and later. This tutorial shows you how to connect to your Mac and play using GarageBand.

  • Open up "Audio MIDI Setup" in your applications folder or search by using command + spacebar.

  • This app allows you to connect to Freedrum as a MIDI device.

  • Go to "Window"

  • Select "Show MIDI Studio"

  • Or press command + 2.


Select "Bluetooth" from the menu.

  • For Mojave users press the bluetooth icon in the window to get to the bluetooth menu.

  • A Bluetooth configuration window will open.

  • Turn on your Freedrum sensors by pressing the LED button on them once.

  • Your sensors will appear as FD1 v8.

  • Connect to each sensor by pressing "Connect" on the right side of each sensor.

If your sensors do not show up as FD1 v8, which is the latest firmware, please update your sensors using Sensorware. iOS & Android.

  • You've now connected your Freedrum sensors to your Mac!

  • Now open GarageBand to begin playing!

  • Open up GarageBand (you can download it here)

  • Select "Empty Project"

  • Select "Software Instrument" from the "Choose a track type" menu

  • GarageBand will create a new song and default to a keyboard instrument

  • Select "Drum Kit" from the "Library" panel


Are you still having issues connecting? Don't worry we can assist you Send us a email at or check our FAQs.

  • Now's the time to start practicing and playing with Freedrum!

  • You can change the sound of your kit by selecting different options in the left-hand menu (Bluebird, Brooklyn, etc.)