How do I connect Freedrum with MacOS?

Freedrum works with macOS Yosemite and later. This tutorial shows you how to connect to your Mac and play using GarageBand.

  • Open up "Audio MIDI Setup" in your applications folder or search by using command + spacebar.
  • This app allows you to connect to Freedrum as a MIDI device.
  • Go to "Window"
  • Select "Show MIDI Studio"
  • Or press command + 2.

Select "Bluetooth" from the menu.

  • A Bluetooth configuration window will open.
  • Turn on your Freedrum sensors by pressing the LED button on them once.
  • Your sensors will appear as FD1 v7.
  • Connect to each sensor by pressing  "Connect" on the right side of each sensor.
  • You've now connected your Freedrum sensors to your Mac! 
  • Now open GarageBand to begin playing!
  • Open up GarageBand (you can download it here)
  • Select "Empty Project"
  • Select "Software Instrument" from the "Choose a track type" menu
  • GarageBand will create a new song and default to a keyboard instrument
  • Select "Drum Kit" from the "Library" panel

Are you still having issues connecting? Don't worry we can assist you Send us a email at or check our FAQs.

  • Now's the time to start practicing and playing with Freedrum!
  • You can change the sound of your kit by selecting different options in the left-hand menu (Bluebird, Brooklyn, etc.)