How do I connect Freedrum to Android?


1. Download Sensorware for Android 

Head over to the Play Store and grab a copy of Sensorware. In this app you can configure your sensors.

  • Choose left-handed or right-handed orientation.
  • Configure a sensor to be a foot sensor.
  • Play the drums directly in Sensorware.

2. Connect Freedrum

You will need to turn on each of your sensors. Head over to the tutorial about turning on your sensors if you are having trouble. 

  • Open Sensorware.
  • Android asks for GPS location permissions - please accept it.** This is needed for bluetooth connections to work on Android.
  • Turn on your sensor.
  • It should connect automatically. If it does not press the sensor in the sensor list and press connect in its settings.

3. Start Playing!

You should now be able to hear sounds playing out of the Freedrum Sensorware app. If you cannot hear any sounds, make sure your sound is turned on. 


Are you having connection issues? Email us at 

**We respect your privacy. We do not track your location.