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Connect and play using iOS

Connect your Freedrum sensors to an Apple iOS device.

Connect and play using Android

Connect your Freedrum sensors to an Android device.

Connect and play using macOS

Connect your Freedrum sensors to a macOS computer.

Connect and play using Windows 10

Connect your Freedrum sensors to a Windows 10 computer.

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Safety and Regulatory Information

Find out about the ideal operating conditions of your Freedrum sensors.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Freedrum playing the wrong sounds?

When will I receive my Freedrum?

How do I update my sensors?

A sensor is showing a red LED and not responding

How do I reset/reboot a sensor?

GarageBand is not playing any sounds

''Remote DFU Invalid CRC Error''

There are some drums missing in GarageBand

Charger does not fit charging port

How do I turn my sensors off?


Contact Support

If you are looking for additional support, you are welcome to contact us through the email below. Our customer support team typically replies within 24 hours during the week.

Email us at support@freedrum.rocks