How do I play with Android?


1. Download G-Stomper

Head over to the Play Store and grab a copy of G-Stomper. There is a free and a paid version. In order for simplicity, we'll be using the free version as a reference in this tutorial but also consider sending the developers some love and get the paid version.


2. Connect Freedrum

You will need to turn on each of your sensors. Head over to the tutorial about turning on your sensors if you are having trouble. Download our Sensorware application from the Play Store.

  • Turn on your Freedrum sensors by pressing the button once
  • Go to the Sensorware application
  • Select each sensor to pair them
  • Once you have connect all your sensors, open the G-Stomper app
  • You will get a request to use FD1 v1 as a MIDI device with G-Stomper. Accept this by selecting "OK"
  • This request will appear once for each sensors. Accept it for all sensors

Once you have accepted all alerts, you will be placed in the G-Stomper main screen. In order to use Freedrum with G-Stomper you will need to teach the app which notes you would like it to play

  • Select "SETUP" under the "COMMON" section of the screen

In the "SETUP" menu, select "MIDI" from the top bar


Scroll down the menu until you see "Global MIDI Mappings" in the list


Select "Global Key Mappings" under the heading


This menu shows what sample is played on each note

Select each line to select where each note should be played with Freedrum

  • T01: Kick
  • T02: Clap
  • T03: Snare
  • T04: Click
  • T05: Hi Tom
  • T06: Mid Tom
  • T07: Floor Tom
  • T08: Closed Hi-Hat
  • T09: Open Hi-Hat
  • T10: Ride
  • T11: Crash
  • T12: Kick Alternative

Once you select a sound from the menu, you will enter an edit menu

  • Select "Learn"
  • Then hit one of your Freedrum sensors in the air to "place" that drum
  • Keep in mind that there are only 6 hit areas with Freedrum (find a description to all of them here)
  • You need to repeat this process for all hit areas and then you should have a full kit!