The gift that rocks.


The key to becoming a better drummer is practice.

Play along to your favourite songs, learn new beats, and master fills at any time and any place. Freedrum connects wirelessly to your smartphone and is small enough to take with you anywhere.



Take Freedrum everywhere.

Our customers use Freedrum at home, but that hasn’t stopped them from taking it to band practices, on vacations or while traveling abroad.

Show us how you Freedrum!


Works with your phone.

Compatible with iOS, macOS,  Android* & Windows10**.                                    Works with music software using MIDI.    *Read more about Android compatibility.


14 hours of battery life.

Freedrum will last you 2 weeks if you play one hour a day.

It only takes 1 hour to charge your sensors. 


3 day estimated delivery to EU & USA.

Free shipping. Free Returns.

The Freedrum elves need up to 5 business days to deliver orders to other regions. Be sure to place yours in enough time.


The gift that rocks.