Why can I only get Freedrum in September 2017? 

After our successful Kickstarter launch we are preparing and executing our manufacturing of Freedrum. This is a long process that we are spending a lot of time and attention on to provide you with the best virtual drumkit possible.


Is there a risk of delay in the shipment?

Yes. We are working hard to keep our September 2017 deadline but there can be some delays in the process. We will keep you updated as we go and try our best to not leave you disappointed!


Can I get a refund?

You can request a full refund anytime before the shipment is sent in September 2017. Please refer to our return policy for a full explanation of the terms.


How do I get foot units?

The Freedrum sensors can fit your drumsticks and feet. Purchase the "Sticks and Feet" Freedrum option that includes four sensors for your sticks and feet.


What app do I need for Freedrum?

We recommend using Garageband on iOS. Freedrum uses MIDI to work with the vast majority of music software.


Does Freedrum work on iOS?

Yes! We support iPhone 5 (and later) and iPad Air (and later) running iOS 9 and above. Get a full list of tested apps here.


Does Freedrum work on Android?

Yes! We support Android devices running Android 6 and above. Some older Android devices can experience latency over Bluetooth. Get a full list of tested apps here.


Does Freedrum work on macOS?

Yes! We support macOS devices. Get a full list of tested apps here.


Does Freedrum work on Windows?

Yes! We support Windows 10 devices running the Anniversary update and above. Get a full list of tested apps here.


How do I get in touch with you?

Feel free to send any questions you may have to support@freedrum.rocks