Already received your Freedrum and having questions? See our setup page and read about Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions.

When will I receive my Freedrum? 

After our successful Kickstarter launch we have been preparing and executing our manufacturing of Freedrum. This is a long process that we have spent a lot of time and attention on to provide you with the best virtual drumkit possible. Shipping will begin early November and will continue through out the month.

If you are ordering for the holiday season we have you covered! All orders will be shipped before the holidays. 


Can I get a refund?

You can request a full refund anytime before the shipment is sent in November 2017. Please refer to our return policy for a full explanation of the terms.


How do I get foot units?

The Freedrum sensors can fit your drumsticks and feet. Purchase the "Complete Kit" Freedrum option that includes four sensors for your sticks and feet.


Will there be customs fees?

We unfortunately cannot control the charges in importing products in your country as this is decided by your government. There should be no fees to the EU and no fees to the US. 

*Countries with customs fees, Canada, Brazil and Chile. Please be aware of these fees before ordering.


What app do I need for Freedrum?


You will need to download Sensorware for iOS or Android to configure your Freedrum Sensors.

We recommend using Garageband on iOS. Freedrum uses MIDI to work with the vast majority of music software. Get a full list of tested apps here.


Does Freedrum work on iOS?

Yes! We support iPhone 5 (and later) and iPad 3 (and later) running at least iOS 9.3.5 and above. Get a full list of tested apps here.


Does Freedrum work on Android?

Freedrum supports Android!

While most midi devices on the market decided not to support Android - we took another direction. We wanted to show that Freedrum can work on Android, and also wanted to make sure you know if your device is compatible.

To get more information on Android compatibility read more here.


Does Freedrum work on macOS?

Yes! We support macOS devices 2011 and newer running MacOS 10.10 and above. Get a full list of tested apps here.


Does Freedrum work on Windows?

Windows 10 support is something we are currently working on with a update to come in the future. With the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition update bluetooth plays well with Midi devices and many DAWs are updating to reflect this.

Our community has found a work around for Windows 10 support you can check here.


What do you have for hackers and tinkerers? 

Not very much yet, but if you're adventurous you can setup Freedrum sensors using MIDI!


Can I open the Hi Hat with Freedrum?

Yes. With Freedrum you open the Hi Hat with a twist gesture on the stick, while hitting the Hi Hat. Have a look at step 8 in our setup page here.

*We have heard your feedback and we are working on hi-hat compatibility with your foot sensor.


Can I move the drum positions of the virtual drumkit?

Not at the moment. But this is something that we really like and want to do. 
We will continuously keep updating the firmware through our Sensorware app to add more cool features. 


Do we ship to your country?

Yes. We ship worldwide!


Can I play music in the background while I use Freedrum?

Yes. You can play music on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and other services in the background while drumming. In Garageband for example, go to ''Advanced'' settings and select ''Run in background'' and also ''Use with music apps'' to enable this.


How do I get in touch with you?

Feel free to send any questions you may have to