5. Configure Your Drum Kit

Now that the sensors are updated, charged and connected all that is left to do is configure your drum kit. In this latest version of the Freedrum App you can configure your kit in many different ways. Placing the drums and cymbals where you want gives you the chance to play left or right-handed and personalise your experience.

  • Start by pressing the drum icon on the top right. This will put you in edit mode.

Now that you are in edit mode you can start adding how many pads you want in your drum kit. We will setup a standard 7 piece kit as an example.

  • First start by pressing the pad addition button for the top layer 3 times. Now we have 4 pads on the top layer of our kit. Now let us add some instruments.


Let’s start by adding instruments to our kit.

  1. You first need to select the pad you want to configure. Let’s select the left most pad and add our Crash to the top left.

  2. Now the mid tom next to it to the right and the high tom next to that.

  3. Let’s finish the top right layer by adding in the Ride cymbal. Great the top layer is configured and ready to play.


Now let us focus on the bottom layer.

  1. Let’s start by pressing the pad addition button for the bottom layer 2 times. Now we have 3 pads on the bottom layer of our kit. Now let’s add some instruments.


Let’s start by adding the instruments to the lower layer of the kit.

  1. Select the pad on the bottom left pad then look for the hi-hat.

  2. Select the next pad in the middle and add the snare.

  3. Finally the the floor tom to the right pad and your bottom layer is complete.

  4. If you have 2 foot sensors then add the kick drum and hi-hat on the 2 remaining pads on the bottom.


Once you have set up the kit press the check mark button where the drum icon was and it will send your configuration to the sensors. Test out your new kit by tapping on each drum with your finger? How does it sound?

Having trouble connecting, configuring or understanding how to play? Don’t worry, you can reach out to our support team who would gladly get you back up and playing again. Email us directly at support@freedrum.rocks or send us a message on the live chat. Someone will get back to as soon as they are available.