Getting Started


This tutorial will walk you through the basics of getting started with Freedrum. You can either watch the above video tutorial or go through the step-by-step description below.

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1. Download Our App Sensorware


The Sensorware app can be downloaded on Android. This app will allow you to:

  • Choose the orientation of the Freedrum drumkit for right or left-handed use.

  • Select whether a sensor is placed on your foot or stick and Sensorware will configure that sensor to play the correct drums.

  • Sensorware allows you to update Freedrum wirelessly with the latest sensor software out of our studio.


2. Charge The Sensors


Your sensors must be charged using the supplied cable before use. We unfortunately cannot send charged batteries due to safety reasons during transit.

  • Charging can be done with the supplied dual USB cable
  • LED shows solid red when charging
  • Charging will take just over 1 hour
  • When charge is complete, the red LED will turn off

3. Slip The Sensors On.


Slide the sensors on the sticks as shown. Keep these things in mind when slipping them on:

  • The square button/LED is closest to you.

  • If you have ordered four sensors, then slip them into the larger straps

  • The larger straps can be slipped over your feet


4. Turn On The Sensors


Turning on your Freedrum sensors is done by shortly pressing the square button once. Avoid holding down on the button when turning them on. This will cause the sensor to enter update mode. 

  • Press the square button on each sensor once to turn them on

  • The LED will pulse blue to show that it is searching for a device.


5. Connect To Sensorware App

  • Open Sensorware App on your phone.

  • Android asks for GPS location permissions - please accept it.** This is needed for bluetooth connections to work on Android.

  • Make sure your bluetooth is turned on.

  • Turn on your sensors.

  • It should connect automatically. If it does not press the sensor in the sensor list and press connect in its settings.

  • Select "Pair" for all your devices.

  • If you don't see all your devices. Turn them off. This is done by holding down on the button until you see it flashing.

  • Then turn them on one by one.

  • If this still doesn't work try to close and open the Sensorware app again.

**We respect your privacy. We do not track your location.

  • You can see which sensor is which in the app by waving it in the air. A music note will appear next to that sensor.

  • When waving the stick, you should hear sounds being played.

Are you having connection issues? Email us at 


6. Set Sensors as Foot Sensors

  • Select the sensors in the app that are placed on your feet.
  • In that menu you can assign a specific sensor to be a "Foot Sensor".
  • Turn that toggle "ON".
  • Repeat this for all foot sensors.
  • Slide to the right to toggle Foot Sensor.

7. Set Sensors For Left Handed Players.

  • If you are not left handed, you can skip this step.
  • Select your sensors in the app that are placed on your sticks.
  • In the menu you'll se a toggle for ''Left Handed Drumkit''
  • Turn that toggle "ON".
  • Repeat this for all stick sensors.
  • Slide to the right to toggle Left Handed Drumkit. 

The next tutorials will teach you about the playing style with Freedrum.