Getting Started With Freedrum On Android


This tutorial will walk you through the basics of getting started with Freedrum on Android.

If you need any assistance please send us a email at our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


1. Download Our App Sensorware & Freedrum

The Sensorware & Freedrum apps can be downloaded on Android.

  • Sensorware allows you to update Freedrum wirelessly with the latest sensors firmware.

  • The latest firmware is V9. If you do not update to the latest firmware you can not connect the sensors and play using the Freedrum App.

  • Freedrum app allows you to play using your Freedrum sensors.

  • 12 pads to configure any way you like. Place your instruments where you want with over 3 million possible configurations.

  • Reverb to add to your experience and metronome to play in time.


2. Charge The Sensors.

Your sensors must be charged using the supplied cable before use.

  • Charging can be done with the supplied dual USB cable

  • LED shows solid red when charging

  • Charging will take just over 1 hour

  • When charging is completed, the red LED will turn off


3. Slip The Sensors On.

Slide the sensors on the sticks as shown. Keep these things in mind when slipping them on:

  • The square button/LED is closest to you.

  • The smaller straps are for you the sticks.

  • The larger straps are for the your feet.

  • If you only have 2 sensors you can order 2 additional sensors by ordering a Starter Kit.


4. Turn On The Sensors


Turning on your Freedrum sensors is done by shortly pressing the square button once. Avoid holding down on the button when turning them on. This will cause the sensor to enter update mode. 

  • Press the square button on each sensor once to turn them on

  • The LED will pulse blue to show that it is searching for a device. 

5. Connect To The Freedrum App 

Now we will connect the sensors to your device using Bluetooth.

  1. Make sure your bluetooth is enabled on your device. - Go to settings on your iOS device and turn on bluetooth.

  2. Open our Freedrum App and press the settings button on the top left.

  3. Once you are in the settings menu press the connections button the top right. This will open the Bluetooth menu for your device.

  4. Make sure the sensors are still on and pulsing with the blue light. That means they are searching for a connection

  5. Find the sensors in the Bluetooth menu and press 1 and wait for your device to ask if you want to pair the sensor. Press okay and that sensor will be connected. Continue this for the rest of the sensors you have.

You can see each sensor is by moving it on the stick or lifting your foot. A red bar will flash next to each sensor when you move them.

6. Set Sensors as Foot or Stick Sensors 

  • Move one of the sensors and you will see a red bar appear next to the sensor in the Sensor Menu on the left.

  • If it is on your stick then make sure to tap the box next to stick in the menu on the right.

  • If it is on your foot then make sure to tap the box next to foot in the menu on the right.

Depending on which option you choose is what type of configuration you will be able to use with the sensor.